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#Technology and #Entrepreneurship: The Answer To The Recession?? [Infographic]



We are in a recession, no doubt about that and it is tough. However recession and a tough economy can bring out the entrepreneur spirit in many people.  In tough times people are almost forced to step it up.   Some of the greatest companies in the world were created during tough economic times.  There are many, one of those companies is Apple, can you believe that?



Amazing stuff!  It seems that due to our own economic downturn we could very well be in the middle of our own entrepreneurship boom and I think a lot of that is fueled by the super quick growth of technology.  Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of where innovation is happening:


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#SocialMedia Allows Small Companies To Compete With Large Companies


Social Media and its really quick growth has literally left some organizations in the dust. I find that larger more hiearchial types of organizations are more resisitant to even considering Social Media as a small part of their marketing strategy.  Can you say Allentown, Steel Mills, Survival Of The Fittest. Anywayzzz, larger companies that are resistant offer an amazing opportunity to their competion due to their unwillingness to adapt.

Right now we are at an amazing point in history because we are living through a shift in how we do things, this is a huge transition to our entire lives.  Social Media has not only changed technology but it has really changed how we think, how we communicate and how consumers communicate and engage with businesses.  This is really a wonderful thing for businesses if they are willing to recognize the change, adapt and embrace the positive aspects of this monumental change.

Companies that are resistant to change offer their competition a huge opportunity to gain momentum and potentially even move beyond them.  So in essence Social Media evens the playing field substantially for larger and smaller businesses alike. Now due to technology growth, past avenues of marketing a business are not as abundant as they once were.  At one time large companies  that had huge advertising and marketing budgets could literally promote themselves to increased revenue.  This is not really the case any longer because the avenues that were once used for this promotion and increase revenue are no longer abundant. Which means now large companies and small companies are now pushed into the same position and that’s marketing by way of the  social media space. They are BOTH forced to figuratively sink or swim.

Social Media in essence, due to so many companies having been almost forced to adopt it, will give smaller businesses a huge opportunity to get a lot of momentum going in this space if they chose to take advantage of the once in the life time opportunity to compete with the big boys.

Only time will tell who will come out the winner but I do know that consumers are due to benefit immensely from more competition, more transparency and more engagement by big and small companies.


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Start your own business: The ultimate business start up edition



I am a strong advocated of having multiple sources of income, I have said that many, many times. This is very important in this economy as the climate is not conducive to the average every day citizens financial improvement. This is a nice way to say if you’re not rich life may very well suck for you in this economy.
So my solution is business development! Create your own, start small or start big it doesn’t matter it only matters that you start. That is if you are interested in developing an additional or primary source of income if you are searching for employment.

Getting started can be the largest hurdle to jump. So take a look at some of the resources below that may help get you started.


Thinking about starting a business? NOW is the time!


I often discuss going into business because I a huge advocate of having multiple streams of income. isn’t everything but It sure does help you pay the bills.  This is one of the reasons that I never put all of my eggs in one basket as my grandmother use to say.

Some of he hottest businesses were started in tough economic times, from basements, in dorm rooms and with a very tight budget. I posted a huge video collection of Videos that Entrepreneur’s need to watch recently and it was a big hit. So watch that again and read more about some of the Best Industries to venture into now.

As usual, if you have any comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent feel free to leave them here, chime in on Twitter or post directly to my Facebook Wall.

Before you think about what business to start, you need to think about this..


I try to write about business start ups because I value the importance of having multiple sources of income. It has saved my can, many, many times so I try to stress the importance of starting a business no matter the size, no matter the type. The goal is to have an additional source of income, especially in this economy.
When planning to start a business we tend to think about the financial aspects, what kind of business to start, and fantasize about divorcing our boss. Oops sorry I may have been projecting. LOL Well anyway, one of the things that we must consider before we even think about any of this is creating a brand.  Some of you are like oh OK, cool others are like WT-Heck Anise, what are you talking about.


Effective brand building starts with your color scheme and ends with making an impact with your colors and logo. Think about some of the largest brands in the world, their colors and logo. The Brands that stick out in my mind are Pepsi, Home Depot, Snickers and Dunkin Donuts. The colors and look of these brands stick in my mind because of effective branding. Lets think about the Snicker brand for a minute. A while ago Snickers did an entire marketing campaign which swapped out the actual word Snickers and added another. Yet we KNEW that the campaign was still an ad for Snickers. THIS is what I mean by branding. You need your brand to be memorable, just like some of the bigger brands.




Branding starts with Color so give some careful thought to what color you would like your brand to be. Check the resources below for more information on color selection.  Also consider the book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding .


Choosing Color & The Big Brands
Color  and Recognition 
Meaning of color 
Color your Brand 
Psychology of Color


As usual, I welcome your comments and opinions so feel free to comment here, catch me on Twitter or post directly to my Facebook Page.

Videos that ALL Aspiring & Successful Entrepreneurs need to watch

I try to write about things that I’d like to read on blogs and things that I know interest my readers. Sometimes I venture off the track, :-) .

I’ve always had an interest in business ventures because they’re fun, you can make some Cha-ching and most importantly NO JOB is guaranteed. Did you hear that NO JOB IS GUARANTEED! So I was never one to place myself in a position to be at the mercy of one source of income. All you need is for your boss to have a bad day and your financial future could be screwed every which way from Sunday. Ummmm been there, a time or two.  What has prevented the screwed every which way has been my belief that one should never depend solely on one source of income. This is especially important in this economy.


So with all of that said, if you are thinking of starting, expanding or partnering in a business and or entrepreneurial venture check out the 10 videos that should help you along. I saw this information posted on INC and couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.  As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to post here or leave them directly on my facebook wall.

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