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September 13, 2011

Privacy is a thing of the past, get over it

I hear people go on and on and ON about Privacy, this one is invading my privacy, that one is invading my privacy…oh here we go with Facebook invading our privacy again. Well Privacy as we’ve known it is a thing of the past. We ALL literally have a good portion of our private information out there for everyone to see. We have become a very “Social” Society which means there are certain trade offs that happen when we become so social.  If you think about the word social for a minute, it means that were are establishing relationships with people, learning more about those people which sharing more about ourselves. Hence when you share, more information is revealed and this means LESS Privacy.

Although Privacy as we’ve know it Pre-Social Media is over there are things we can do to insure a certain degree of privacy. One of the things that i’ve noticed was most of the people that yell the loudest about their privacy being invaded are the same people that have NOT set their privacy settings accurately to insure privacy on their Facebook page in particular. Facebook tends to get a bad rap for invading the privacy of its users, however I’ve found Facebook to have outstanding privacy setting that when utilized gives great options as to the amount of information that you chose to share or not. The key is that you must set this up yourself it’s not automatically set to your preferences.

I think the ultimate goal is that we should all find out  more about the privacy settings of any and all social media channels that we are using,especially Facebook and determine the degree of information that we expose to others. As we become more social and utilize more and more avenues within social media we have to be aware of the information that WE share as well as the information that is shared about us with or without our knowlede.

Privacy as we’ve known it to be 15 years or so ago is over, but there are steps you can take to share what you want to share ONLY.

Social Media Influence: Klout or Empire Avenue

Let’s face it Social Media had become THE way to communicate these days. It doesn’t matter if you are an 11 year old shooting the breeze, Senior keeping track of your grand kids or a company trying to increase brand exposure. Social Media has become the way to interact with your current friends, catch up with past friends keep track of family in far away places and to network.

This avenue of communication has grown so much that there is an entire industry of jobs that have to be created to fulfill the growing need for Social Media Interaction. With the creation of jobs there are now metrics of influence that have to be explored when hiring someone to manage your brand, especially for corporations.  There is a growing debate about how corporations interested in hiring would go about measuring a potential employee or social media consultants influence.

There is the Klout score which is the industry standard, it measures Influence, True Reach, Amplification just to name a few metrics. Klout score displays metrics based on interactions on Twitter and Facebook.

There is also Empire Avenue , which allows you to purchase stock in other companies, people and friends that you know. The individual or companies stock price fluctuates based on activity within your Social Media channels. What I really like about Empire Avenue is that your influence is directly connected to your social media activity, if your slack you pay the price because your shares will go down. However if you are doing well your stock prices will go up, the dividends that you provide to the purchasers of your stock will increase and people will purchase more. The most important part of this is that with Empire Avenue your social media influence is determined by more than just your Facebook page and Twitter page. The influence is determined by a variety of channels plus your blogs. Those Social Media Channels are YouTubeFacebook ProfileFacebook PageTwitterFlickr and now LinkedIn. In addition, my influence also comes from my TumblrQR code Blog and Posterous. To me, this gives a better overall score of your influence over many Social Media Channels, which is needed when hiring a social media expert to promote a brand.

Empire Avenue may not be know to many but I say if you want to really know a person and or companies Social Media Influence check out them out as they manuver through the world of social media and see what’s reflected in their Empire Avenue Scores.

Overall, I’d say Empire Avenue is the winner in the battle of influence determination. Agree? Disagree? I welcome any opinions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent so feel free to leave a comment or post directly on my Facebook Wall.

Bing Steps it up with FB & #SocialSearch

Social Media is playing and increasingly important role in the daily lives of so many people. At 500 + Millions users Facebook alone is a huge player in the game. This effect has trickled down into search and SEO, re-defining what is and is not relevant with search.

As we use Google and different Social Media channels, what is and is not important has shifted. Search has changed due to Social Media and the changes are bringing forth Social Search and the Team up of Facebook and Bing is playing a HUGE role in pushing this forward.

To read more about Social Search check out some of the resources below:

Social Search, Social Media & SEO
Google losing Ground to Facebook
Social Search is Happening NOW!
Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Optimization

As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad ugly or indifferent on my Facebook Wallor in the comments section.

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Microsoft has announced it will expand its effort to bring Facebook into Bing’s search results, displaying new annotations alongside any search result links your Facebook friends have liked. Bing first began integrating Facebook “likes” into its search results back in October 2010, but results from your friends were relegated to the bottom of the page. The new version promotes your friends up into the main search results listing.

Microsoft’s Bing offering is roughly the same thing with one huge difference — Bing includes results from Facebook, Google does not.

That’s a huge blind spot for Google given that Bing now has some 500 million Facebook users to pull social data from. At the same time, Google is pulling data from your Twitter friends, which is something Bing does not, thus far, offer. However, given the relatively open nature of Twitter versus the closed nature of Facebook, it will likely be easier for Bing to add Twitter, than for Google to add Facebook.

The best search engine choice depends, for now, on which social networks you use. Facebook fans will find Bing a better match, while those using a wide variety of services will probably see more results from Google Social Search.


Sneaks for Geeks, you know you want #Firefox, #Twitter or #Google Sneakers

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Nike sneakers featuring Firefox, Twitter and Google. You want one, you know you do.

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TWENTY things you NEED to know before you HIRE a #SocialMedia Professional.

The wave of  “Social Media Experts” are ENDLESS! You have your Social Media Gurus, Masters and Wizards with that said how do you gain the expertise that you need without encountering the self proclaimed Gurus, Masters and Wizards.  Personally if I had a doctor or attorney that described themselves as any of the descriptions above I would be somewhat concerned and quite frankly not inclined to hired them.


TWENTY things that you should look for when hiring someone to handle your brand by way of Social Media.

1.  Your Social Media Experts should have SALES experience in addition to experience with Social Media. Why, you ask? The ultimate goal is to SELL your brand to your followers while building a positive and engaging presence.

2.  Education or Certification in Internet Marketing. Experience is great but formal education as an Internet Marketer will give your brand the jump over your competitors.

3.  Proven experience with engaging a social media following. It’s not enough to get a million followers, the goal is to have followers that are engaged and in tuned to your brand. This increases your chances of effective brand exposure.

4.  Experience beyond Twitter and FacebookAlthough Twitter and Facebook are the most popular forms of Social Media, there are quite a few others that can benefit your brand. 

5.  Credible followers on Twitter and Facebook. Not all followers are made equal, so your expert should have followers that are leaders in a variety of industries in addition to industry peers.

6.  Experience with optimizing keywords for ALL of your Social Media Channels.

7.  Your expert should have a presence on a variety of relevant Social Media Channels and know how to optimize those for the benefit of increasing your brand exposure.

8. You should be able to GOOGLE your Social Media Expert or potential Expert to see a impressive and relevant display of their personal Social Media Presence. If they DO NOT have an impressive Social Media display they may NOT be able to provide you with an impressive Social Media display for your brand.

9.  Willingness to be creative and engaging to fans and follows.  The goal is to engage and continue to grow the fan and follower base .

10. Experience with different Blogging Platforms.

11. Klout score over 40.    

12. Experience creating content in a variety of New Media Marketing Technologies, such as Podcasts, Video, PresentationseBooks and more.  The goal is to have resources available that will constantly engage your users with the goal of continuously promoting your brand.

13. Your expert should have a strong LinkedIn profile  with recommendations that would give you an idea of their work ethic and be members of a variety of professional groups.

14. Your expert should have at least one blog with followers.

15. Web Analytics is a HUGE part of Internet Marketing and is often overlooked when creating a Social Media presence. The ability to analyze traffic patterns, visitors and demographics are all very important to the growth of your brand whether its on a website, blog or social media channel.

16. Press Release creation is also big part of promotion of your brands, therefore your Social Media Expert should have experience with this as well.

17. Running effective contests are an essential part of engagement on yourFacebook Fan page so your expert should know how to run contests and promotions.

18. Promotional giveaways for your contests are very important as well so your expert should have sources of creating branded promotional items for your contests.

19. Your expert should also continue to learn and explore new and upcoming technologies to promote your brands, such as QR code MarketingThe Semantic WebAugmented RealityVirtual worlds andmore.  

20. Most importantly your Social Media expert should LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!









#Twitter Your Resume = #Twitume! Guess What? That ROCKS! This is the NEW way to create your job opportunity!

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Your resume on Twitter

Touch all your Twitter contacts by posting your resume with Twitume. Increase your chances of finding a job opportunity.



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Business Web Apps, Mobil Apps, Marketing and More..HOT Microbusiness Oppportunities for 2011

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Top 5 Microbusiness Opportunities for 2011

So, how do you find microbusiness opportunities with staying power?

1. Experiential products and services. This overarching trend will impact everything else in the consumer economy. This is not necessarily about changing what you sell, just changing how you sell it. People have, experts say, entered a new period of austerity … but not really. What it means is that people don’t want to collect stuff anymore. On the other hand, they will pay for experiences because they last longer — a lifetime, in fact. From a marketing point of view, that means you need to go beyond the features vs. benefits meme and focus on experience (emotional) over benefits (material).

2. For the technically inclined, mobile apps (and especially phone apps) for business are very hot. Added benefit: This opportunity is not anywhere near glutted yet. Microbusiness programmers might consider developing low-cost phone apps for their fellow microbusiness owners; that fortune at the bottom of the pyramid is not to be sneezed at.

3. Another technical B-to-B niche that’s very hot right now is Web apps for business, especially small business. Once again, if you can develop a product that is affordable for microbusinesses and will save them time or money, you’ll have that niche almost all to yourself. Too many developers chase the small business market but run from the microbusiness market, so the field is wide open.

4. Marketing services, believe it or not, are back and big but, once again, it’s all about the specifics. Social media is gathering momentum, and some creative people (like the folks behind are combining it with e-commerce in interesting and profitable ways. The same goes for mobile marketing, which is still pretty leading-edge and has a bright future ahead of it.

5. This one is a bit of a blast from the past: fitness products and services are making a comeback. (I’m reminded of Huey Lewis’ Hip To Be Square.) People are still busy and always on the go, so the challenge here is to develop fitness products that can be used anytime, anywhere. Promising variations include small group training and home fitness products. Above all else, find a way to connect to your customers and make it an experience!


60 signs that you are ADDICTED to #SocialMedia: Is there an App for that? #JustSaying

I must fess up before this blog post becomes live. That I am very VERY guilty of most of the things on the list, including looking like woman in the image.

I went to Key West last year, I was at the 1/2 point in obtaining my Masters Degree in Internet Marketing from #Full Sail University and I was traveling with hardcore electronics. Finishing up my graduated degree just allowed me to seriously indulge my addiction.

My friends and travel buddies would agree that I have a serious addiction to social media and technology. However I really don’t see a problem with that. :-)


I do believe that I was lucky that this was before the groping TSA search or I would have surely been groped by some TSA person for hidden electronics.

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Check out these 60 signs to determine if you may be in fact a social media addict.

iStock 000006261739XSmall2 230x300  60 Signs Youre Addicted to Social Media & Twitter

1. You more often than not talk in 140 character increments.
2. You forgot how to spell simple 3 letter words like “you” which you now reference as “U”.
3. You go to the mall for an hour and come home with 10 new blog ideas.
4. The grocery store clerk, mailman, dry cleaner, and Panera Bread head cook all know your twitter handle.
5. You have a favorite seat at Starbucks and Panera bread.
6. You have stayed past closing at least two times at either Panera Bread or Starbucks.
7. You can’t remember the last time you went to the restroom without your Android or iPhone.
8. You regularly sit down in front of your desk first thing in the morning while still wearing your jammies, to “send a few tweets” and then hit the gym. Unfortunately you’re usually still there at lunch time.
9. You are the mayor of Panera Bread, Starbucks, the grocery story, drycleaner and your favorite burger joint.
10. You refuse to do drive by FourSquare as you want to earn your badges the old school way!
11. Your kids know the difference between a twit and a tweet.
12. Your kids could easily describe a retweet, mention, hootsuite, and to their friends who have parents who don’t tweet.
13. Your spouse has threatened to divorce you if you don’t leave your cell phone at home at least one date night a month.
14. You have real friends in Australia, the UK, Brazil and at least three other countries. You met them all on Twitter.
15. You know many of your Twitter pals better than you do some neighbors.
16. You no longer keep track of how many followers you have. It’s the relationships and conversations that truly inspire you.
17. You love tweetups and don’t understand why the retirement home doesn’t want to host one for your grandma.
18. Your kids come home from school and ask you how many hits their YouTube video received.
19. You take a photo of your kids and the first thing they say is “no, you are not putting this one on Facebook or Twitter, seriously!”
20. Your youngest kid has found a new marketing medium with his/her world of wonder color paintings…. twitter and Twitpic!
21. You have worked an entire day or at least half of a day in your pajamas when you didn’t plan to do such.
22. You get excited when a client asks for a social media policy.
23. You want to do a back flip when you interview a potential new client and they already know what bounce rate is.
24. You have completely stopped trying to talk even your favorite businesses to get on the social train. You figure it’s their loss, you have more business wanting to hire you than you have time to talk to.
25. You have mastered tweeting, texting, reading a Inc. magazine and watching CNN all at the same time while on the elliptical.
26. TV, who has time for TV? You have #FFs to catch up on!
27. There are some people who tweet you in the morning that can simply make your day!
28. You have officially stopped doing free lunches. Who has time for lunch anyway!
29. You no longer attend networking meetings as you honestly don’t need any more clients at the present time.
30. When you meet with a client now it’s more like an interview as to if you want to take them on or not.
31. Life is to short to take on clients who simply don’t want to listen to what you know they need to do. If they don’t want to blog or update their website to the current century they can happily move on to your supposed “competitors.”
32. Your 2011 calendar already looks like a twitter parade.
33. You know what the tweet parade application is.
34. You know your Klout score even if you say you don’t care about the numbers.
35. You don’t send auto DMs.
36. You took a picture of the Verizon Fios dudes and posted it to Twitpic when they fixed or installed Fios.
37. You fall asleep on the laptop watching Jimmy Fallon at least once a week.
38. You would honestly miss your twitter friends if twitter were to go down tomorrow.
39. You wish people would quit sending you so many emails and just send you a 140 character tweet.
40. You get excited at the thought of a blank wordpress blog post page ready for you to turn it into a masterpiece at midnight.
41. When anyone in your neighborhood needs anything to do with the internet they call you.
42. You still get emails from past colleagues wondering if you could “help them learn” social media. Although that would be much more fun than a “free lunch” with another broke wanna be client you unfortunately don’t have time.
43. You wish you could spend the majority of your time tweeting for social good. Someday you will.
44. You won’t let your kids come close to Facebook or Twitter as you know how addictive it can be.
45. You now are addicted to twitter chats. You can type like a crazy bird with a bunch of other crazy birds.
46. You get more leads via your online sales funnel than anything you do offline.
47. Your business truly works on the weekend even when you don’t thanks to Infusionsoft and your favorite news syndication site (mine being Social Media Today)!
48. You can tell the mood of the twitter verse from just a few seconds of tweeting.
49. You can retweet that tweet in less than 2 seconds with your eyes closed.
50. You want to hit yourself on the head every time someone tells you “my clients aren’t on social media.”
51. You still love teaching newbies how to tweet. Nothing better than hearing those happy words with a big smile “I sent my first tweet!”
52. You have actually had a client say after the first twitter training session, “now how do I do something to someone, I forgot?”
53. You dressed as a twitter bird, YouTube channel, Facebook page or iPhone for Halloween.
54. Your kids know what Friday Follow is.
55. You have given up trying to get your family to understand what it is you do.
56. You’d rather tweet than be nosey and look at the neighbors photos on Facebook like all the rest of your neighbors do.
57. You ordered a custom license plate with your name and 140 on it.
58. Movies, who has time to see a movie. You’re either with the family, at Church, at the beach or tweeting.
59. You have written a late night social media addiction blog post at midnight and fell asleep in the middle of it (like I did on this one.)
60. You made it to the bottom of this list.

Newbies to social media, do not try these things at home. Caution should be taken as you enter the


Clients owe you money? Grab your phone, pay them a visit and collect your Cha-ching on the spot!

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How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Phone: Just Swipe It

square app, square, credit card on phone, monbile credit card processing, transaction processing, credit cards, credit, debt, mobile apps,
The credit card processing industry rakes in over $40 billion each year a few pennies per swipe. As plastic payments become more ubiquitous, especially with growing online sales, cash is starting to seem obsolete, sadly. Transaction services are safe bet for a growth sector. So it’s no wonder a new entrant to the game is bringing the action to mobile phones. And this one might actually help the little guy.

Square is an smartphone app–and a little white square (pictured below)–that lets anyone who downloads the free app process credit card payments right on their phone. All you need is a U.S. bank account, a social security number, and a street address. Oh, and a smartphone with an internet connection. The company will send you the smallest credit card swipe machine you’ve ever seen. It inserts into the headphone jack of your phone, but you don’t even need that to process payments, it’s just way more fun. The Wired pop-up store was even giving them away to anyone who stopped by.

square app, square, credit card on phone, monbile credit card processing, transaction processing, credit cards, credit, debt, mobile apps,
Once you download the app and set up your account you can start collecting all manner of old debts, inappropriate door charges to dinner parties or, more likely, conveniently make a few extra sales in your small business. This seems like a tool we could include in our tips for becoming a carft show superstar.

Mobile credit card processing machines aren’t revolutionary, and it’s always been relatively easy in most places to point a customer to a computer and ask them to make an online payment if there wasn’t a processing machine connected to a phone line nearby. So Square is no game changer for small business. But the elegant interface might just facilitate a few extra entrepreneurs in getting out and setting up (a small) shop. Or getting your little brother to finally pay you back that $20 he never carries in cash.


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