I hear people go on and on and ON about Privacy, this one is invading my privacy, that one is invading my privacy…oh here we go with Facebook invading our privacy again. Well Privacy as we’ve known it is a thing of the past. We ALL literally have a good portion of our private information out there for everyone to see. We have become a very “Social” Society which means there are certain trade offs that happen when we become so social.  If you think about the word social for a minute, it means that were are establishing relationships with people, learning more about those people which sharing more about ourselves. Hence when you share, more information is revealed and this means LESS Privacy.

Although Privacy as we’ve know it Pre-Social Media is over there are things we can do to insure a certain degree of privacy. One of the things that i’ve noticed was most of the people that yell the loudest about their privacy being invaded are the same people that have NOT set their privacy settings accurately to insure privacy on their Facebook page in particular. Facebook tends to get a bad rap for invading the privacy of its users, however I’ve found Facebook to have outstanding privacy setting that when utilized gives great options as to the amount of information that you chose to share or not. The key is that you must set this up yourself it’s not automatically set to your preferences.

I think the ultimate goal is that we should all find out  more about the privacy settings of any and all social media channels that we are using,especially Facebook and determine the degree of information that we expose to others. As we become more social and utilize more and more avenues within social media we have to be aware of the information that WE share as well as the information that is shared about us with or without our knowlede.

Privacy as we’ve known it to be 15 years or so ago is over, but there are steps you can take to share what you want to share ONLY.