Social Media is playing and increasingly important role in the daily lives of so many people. At 500 + Millions users Facebook alone is a huge player in the game. This effect has trickled down into search and SEO, re-defining what is and is not relevant with search.

As we use Google and different Social Media channels, what is and is not important has shifted. Search has changed due to Social Media and the changes are bringing forth Social Search and the Team up of Facebook and Bing is playing a HUGE role in pushing this forward.

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Microsoft has announced it will expand its effort to bring Facebook into Bing’s search results, displaying new annotations alongside any search result links your Facebook friends have liked. Bing first began integrating Facebook “likes” into its search results back in October 2010, but results from your friends were relegated to the bottom of the page. The new version promotes your friends up into the main search results listing.

Microsoft’s Bing offering is roughly the same thing with one huge difference — Bing includes results from Facebook, Google does not.

That’s a huge blind spot for Google given that Bing now has some 500 million Facebook users to pull social data from. At the same time, Google is pulling data from your Twitter friends, which is something Bing does not, thus far, offer. However, given the relatively open nature of Twitter versus the closed nature of Facebook, it will likely be easier for Bing to add Twitter, than for Google to add Facebook.

The best search engine choice depends, for now, on which social networks you use. Facebook fans will find Bing a better match, while those using a wide variety of services will probably see more results from Google Social Search.