I will be the first one to express my excitement about the growth of technology.  After all how could I not, it’s such a wonderful and so very powerful thing. However,  to quote a great “Man”, we know,

With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility.


YES I DID JUST QUOTE SPIDERMAN.  This quote is very fitting as we do hold a lot of power in our hands when using forms of technology, and accessing social media sites. We have had lots of controversy over the responsibility of social media sites to maintain and respect our privacy. One of the things that I did notice was that the people that were ranting and yelling the loudest had the weakest privacy settings that i’ve ever seen. Facebook has amazing privacy settings in place, we just HAVE TO USE THEM.

Well, this prompted me to created a very easy to use FREE eBook a few months ago to help people address and utilize the privacy settings that Facebook has in place. I recently revise the eBook to address some changes due to Facebook Places.  This ebook is FREE and available for download from the link below.

Download The newly revised Facebook Privacy EBook.