For days now, I’ve been thinking about public school education and how ineffective it has become. Then I started to wonder what could be done about that?  Which led me to think longer and harder about what we could do collectively as a country to fix it. Where would we even start?


I just seems as if the current educational system is just not working. It’s as if all kids are becoming smarter except the kids in America. At one time our kids were at the top of their game, yet we have been steadily declining.  I know that it seems that urban kids suffer more, due to lack of resources among so many other things. So my answer was to create an avenue that may give some assistance in educational resources. So I create a blog called Urban Prep, this would be a place for kids in need to go to find out about things that can sometimes be taken for granted like College Information, Scholarship Information, SAT Prep and more. 


Just when I thought I had the answer, I stumbled upon a video. This video infographic was THE MOST POWERFUL VIDEO I’VE EVER SEEN ABOUT OUR CURRENT EDUCATION SYSTEM. Although I still believe in my Urban Prep idea, I am considering that it could only be a temporary fix to a much larger problem of a BROKEN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.  Please take about 12 minutes to watch CHANGING EDUCATION PARADIGMS. If you know someone in an education field forward it to them as well. Feel free to forward information about Urban Prep as well.