The wave of  “Social Media Experts” are ENDLESS! You have your Social Media Gurus, Masters and Wizards with that said how do you gain the expertise that you need without encountering the self proclaimed Gurus, Masters and Wizards.  Personally if I had a doctor or attorney that described themselves as any of the descriptions above I would be somewhat concerned and quite frankly not inclined to hired them.


TWENTY things that you should look for when hiring someone to handle your brand by way of Social Media.

1.  Your Social Media Experts should have SALES experience in addition to experience with Social Media. Why, you ask? The ultimate goal is to SELL your brand to your followers while building a positive and engaging presence.

2.  Education or Certification in Internet Marketing. Experience is great but formal education as an Internet Marketer will give your brand the jump over your competitors.

3.  Proven experience with engaging a social media following. It’s not enough to get a million followers, the goal is to have followers that are engaged and in tuned to your brand. This increases your chances of effective brand exposure.

4.  Experience beyond Twitter and FacebookAlthough Twitter and Facebook are the most popular forms of Social Media, there are quite a few others that can benefit your brand. 

5.  Credible followers on Twitter and Facebook. Not all followers are made equal, so your expert should have followers that are leaders in a variety of industries in addition to industry peers.

6.  Experience with optimizing keywords for ALL of your Social Media Channels.

7.  Your expert should have a presence on a variety of relevant Social Media Channels and know how to optimize those for the benefit of increasing your brand exposure.

8. You should be able to GOOGLE your Social Media Expert or potential Expert to see a impressive and relevant display of their personal Social Media Presence. If they DO NOT have an impressive Social Media display they may NOT be able to provide you with an impressive Social Media display for your brand.

9.  Willingness to be creative and engaging to fans and follows.  The goal is to engage and continue to grow the fan and follower base .

10. Experience with different Blogging Platforms.

11. Klout score over 40.    

12. Experience creating content in a variety of New Media Marketing Technologies, such as Podcasts, Video, PresentationseBooks and more.  The goal is to have resources available that will constantly engage your users with the goal of continuously promoting your brand.

13. Your expert should have a strong LinkedIn profile  with recommendations that would give you an idea of their work ethic and be members of a variety of professional groups.

14. Your expert should have at least one blog with followers.

15. Web Analytics is a HUGE part of Internet Marketing and is often overlooked when creating a Social Media presence. The ability to analyze traffic patterns, visitors and demographics are all very important to the growth of your brand whether its on a website, blog or social media channel.

16. Press Release creation is also big part of promotion of your brands, therefore your Social Media Expert should have experience with this as well.

17. Running effective contests are an essential part of engagement on yourFacebook Fan page so your expert should know how to run contests and promotions.

18. Promotional giveaways for your contests are very important as well so your expert should have sources of creating branded promotional items for your contests.

19. Your expert should also continue to learn and explore new and upcoming technologies to promote your brands, such as QR code MarketingThe Semantic WebAugmented RealityVirtual worlds andmore.  

20. Most importantly your Social Media expert should LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!