When I think in terms of starting a business I think of maybe a coffee shop, online business and maybe even some kind of Marketing Company 🙂 However a business that is the easiest and probably most overlooked business that a person could start is an eBay business. You can literally start an eBay business within a matter of minutes by setting up an seller account on eBay.  It may take all of 5 minutes.

After taking five minutes to set up your account now take a look around your house, I’m sure there are LOTS of things to get you started on your way.  You can sell books, clothing, trinkets and that oh so special green beaded sweater that you got in 1999 for Christmas that you were to kind to regift. Someone could very well be looking for that exact green beaded sweater.

Also a great source of eBay gold to sell could be found at your neighborhood flea markets, closeout shop, thrift shops and salvation army. People that may really thrive selling on eBay are fashionistas that have an eye for sales, know where to find the clearance items and know what price to sell those items for. However non-fashonistas have a huge area to sell within as well. You can even sell your services on eBay.  Read more about getting started… and Check out the video below.

Just keep in mind as you raid your home for things to get your eBay business off the ground One mans trash is another mans treasure.