The Internet is constantly growing and changing however we tend not to notice, as the changes are mostly gradual.  However as you reflect on the subtle changes that have happened since the popularity of the web that emerged in the 90’s, you will realized that there have been significant changes since that time.

As one of the early adopters of the web and all that it had to offer in the 90’s I have recently REALLY noticed the changes of late.  Early web, or Web 1.0 consisted of people really becoming comfortable with finding information and data online. Websites lack sophisticated graphics, were very word intense and very informational.  The emergence of Web 2.0 assumed that we have advanced beyond basic comforts of finding the information and pushed us into interaction with that data. Web 2.0 is considered the Social Media Age and we are swiftly coming to the peak of that phase.  Moving forward quickly into Web 3.0, or the Semantic Web, pushes us directly into the age of immersing ourselves in the Data. It is said that the web will become a place that allows data to interact with other data with the purpose of creating an easier and more personalize web experience. As a technologically forward thinking person AKA as a self admited nerd, I look forward to seeing and interacting with the Semantic Web. 

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A parting thought:

  • Web 1.0 introduced us to the Data
  • Web 2.0 Help us engage with the Data
  • Web 3.0 Data engages with more Data

Watch the Video below to see more information about the transition from Web 1.0 – Web 3.0