I had a discussion a few days ago, or maybe I should say that I listened to someone talk about how Technology has “RUINED” everything.  As a lover of technology my mind just couldn’t wrap around that theory.   Further, I believe that we are way past the stage of saying how technology needs to rollback, this is, after all not Walmart. Rollbacks are for prices NOT technology.  Technology growth continues, no matter what or whom is in disagreement with the path that it’s taken.  While you are reading this paragraph, technology is growing and there are no amount of opinions, protests or denials that will change that. I would venture to say that, technolgy is probably growing at a quicker speed that we even know. Why would we even want to stop it’s growth?


As a lover of technolgy I am always looking for what’s hot, what the future holds and how I can involve myself in whatever that technology is.  One of the things that I keep reading about is The Semantic Web. When I read about this growth in technology I immediatly though OMG what is that?  The Semantic web in a nutshell is a growth of what we are already experiencing with technology.  The difference is that this advancement technology will be more strategic.

The past growth of technology was at such a rate of speed that we are now literally overloaded with information. In it’s simplest form the Semantic Web will help to organize the information and allow the information to work together strategically to create a more user friendly technology experience.


So my book selections this week are The Social Semantic Web and Social Networks and the Semantic Web.


I would really LOVE to know what you thing of this new technology and what role you think it will play in your life. Please leave comments or post your thoughts on my Facebook Wall