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September 14, 2011

Blogging: Formats, Followers and being Found



It is wonderful to have blog, have things to write and to shares those things with the Internet masses. However to me one of the biggest challenges is getting people to read your blog, getting exposure and quite frankly being found by people that are interested in reading what you write.   A lot of these things are beyond our control, but some of the things can be helped along a bit.  A few of the thing that you really need to look at are your blogging platform, how you circulate your blog and the keywords/tags used for your blog.



Hordes of people immediately go with a WordPress blog because many people have them and they are THE recommended blogging platform. Although I have jumped off of Haterade toward WordPress, I am still not feeling oh so warm and fuzzy about that platform either.  However I do understand the need to utilize a WordPress blog for certain situations. With that said NOT all blogs require the WordPress platform. Although I am no longer spewing hate at WordPress, I do believe there are other platforms that are much easier to deal with, have your content shared and followed by your readers. If you would like your blog easily shared and followed I would suggest going with Tumblr or even Posterous, both of which I’ve found to be the most social media friendly of all blogging formats. If you need a whhoooo big word alert “Content Management System” you should go with WordPress.



It is very important that my blogs circulate to the masses, of those that have an interest that is. So I have a Tumblr blog, which has a pretty decent amount of followers, and a Posterous blog, which also has pretty good share/follow ratio. These two blogging formats fit my needs for the subject matter that I use them for.  I am also, currently working on an ecommerce Project that needs a different format so I had to go with the WordPress option.  Overall in the blogging platform selection, it is important to analyze your needs, the ease of use and focus of your blog before selecting a format



After selecting you blogging format it is very important to have the information that you’ve written or that you plan to write, be found by readers.   There are so many blogs floating about, that there’s an abundance of competition within the blogosphere. So you want to create an avenue in which your blog can be found. Utilizing some very simple SEO strategies can do this, try adding categories and key words in your tags. When selecting keywords think of your blogs subject and what words people would use to find your blog. For instance if your blog is about dogs, think of some words that people would Google to find information about dogs. Then use those words in your blog posts and as tags. Very simple! Ok, stop reading and start blogging!

As usual I welcome any comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to comment here, catch me on Twitter or post directly to my Facebook wall



Talking to Computers and movement toward the Semantic Web




As technology evolves so does our ability to communicate differently.  Technology is now using ASR or Automatic Speech Recognition which allows you to communicate effortlessly with your devices. ASR is setting the stage for the Semantic Web in which computers will communicate with each other.


Every movement in technological advancements is moving us more toward the Semantic Web and Future Technologies. What we once thought of as the future of technology or science fiction is indeed happening now. Are we ready for this technology? What will it mean for businesses and individuals. Take a look at the Infographic which displays this technology


Speech Recognition
Created by: Medical Transcription

For Breaking News its Social Media All The Way




Yesterday, I had quite an amazing day and it was literally groundbreaking. I experienced an Earthquake on the East Coast, which started from Virginia and headed up the coast to Philly and beyond.  The Earthquake itself was quite astounding as it is totally NOT an East coast thing. What was more astounding was the way in which everyone, including myself gathered the news about the quake.



I’ve always stood by my opinion that the Internet, more specifically Social Media has had a profound effect on the world as we know it and our everyday lives. However, you truly realize this effect when something that is very newsworthy happens. I frequently commented on how newspapers, traditional media sources and traditional journalists are practically obsolete, although I considered it a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe there is more truth to the statement than I was even willing to believe. 



So yesterday, after suspecting that I had in fact experienced some sort of natural occurrence and that my dwelling was not falling down around me. I did not, for one minute even consider turning on a TV or radio, I immediately went to Twitter and then Facebook. To me it was never even a thought to check what the news media or radio stations were reporting. Instead my first reaction was to find out what was being said by way of Social Media. I did eventually turn on a TV but it was AFTER I found out from online sources what was going on.



To me this is a strong indication that Social Media has taken a place in our lives that was once dedicated to other sources of media like TV or Radio. This progression was gradual and almost unnoticeable.  This made me wonder how media will be viewed moving forward.  Will traditional media sources like TV and radio continue to be relevant? Are they relevant now? Is it old school to watch traditional news programming? Will our kids even think to turn on the TV to get news? 



As amazing as technology is, are we missing out on anything by not turning to traditional news sources first? Does it matter? I would love to know your thoughts, so feel free to comment here, catch me on Twitter or post directly on my Facebook Wall.



Linux powered everything: Desktops, Mobile and Tablets [INFOGRAPHIC]



One of the things that we don’t think about is HOW are devices are powered. I am guilty of that as well, I don’t really care what’s behind the scenes only that it is working properly.


I do know people, admittedly just a few that are involved with Linux and I never gave much thought to what they do. So now kiss your Linux person because they play a HUGE role in powering the techie devices that you love so much!  Check out the Infographic below.


Linux Market Shares
Created by: MBA Online

Mobile Web: It’s NOT enough to have a Website anymore


I’m sure everyone has noticed how awesome the mobile devices are that we have been using. How could you not notice when there are options like iPhone and others available? These phones allow you to do practically anything and everything on them, oh yeah you can talk on them too!


As we embrace the huge selection of mobile phone options we open ourselves to the vast amount of information that is available by way of mobile device. This technology has literally made us mobile, I mean really mobile. We are no longer chained to the wall for conversations and to our desks for Internet access.


This technology has opened so many doors, and as business owners  it has extended our reach beyond the traditional website. That is if we have been paying attention.  At one time it was enough to have JUST a website but not anymore. Now we have to have a Facebook business page, a Blog in addition to our traditional website.  We need to start thinking mobile!

Check out some of the stats below 

  • 1.08 Billion Smartphone’s worldwide
  • By 2014, mobile internet should overtake desktop usage
  • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • 86% of mobile Internet users are using their device while watching TV
  •  29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get a coupon.
  • On average Americans spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on a mobile device
  • 91% of mobile Internet access is to socialize
  • Over 1/3 of Facebook’s 600 million+ user base uses Facebook Mobile
  • 200 million+ YouTube views occur on mobile devices per day
  • Women aged 3554 are the most active group in mobile socializing

Do you visit mobile websites? Are you happy with the site? If you are a business owner do you have a mobile version of your blog? As usual, I welcome opinions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent.  Feel free to leave a comment, catch me on Twitter or post directly on my Facebook Page. 

Social Media is AWESOME but throw in a little Offline Marketing as well


One of the things that’s great about being in the Marketing Industry now, is that you can use all of the amazing things available to create a New Marketing Mix for your marketing campaigns. There is Social Media, QR Codes, Print Ads, Blogs, Product Marketing  and more.
Social Media is an amazing way to connect with your customer base, reach out to meet new clients and reconnect with customers that you have lost touch with.  Imagine the possibilities, if you use social media in addition to a few traditional marketing methods the results could be amazing.
The greatest method of tying both avenues together is the use of QR Codes. They allow you use a traditional print piece with a QR code added to tie your two audiences together. This has amazing potential for creating unique and power new media marketing campaigns which could really be a huge hit for your business.




Social Media Revolution: Old School Organizational Structure is dead



I was just thinking about how we’ve evolved due to technology and realized that although we have changed a lot, traditional organizations have not changed their organizational structure to adapt to technology growth and more tech savvy employees. 



Not only must organizations adapt and embrace technology they must adapt their structure, rules and SOP’s to include everything from cell phone usage to social media policies.  Some organizations have not taken a look at standard policies and procedures since before the emergence of Windows 95 maybe earlier.  



Organizations are trying to fit round pegs into square holes instead of taking a look at that square hole that was create back in 1924 before there were any sort of advanced technologies. Companies that are years behind are the ones enforcing antiquated rules based on outdated policies and procedures. 



Due to technology growth, as an organization big or small it is beyond time to analyze and adapt to technology growth, social media and very tech savvy employees. Further, it is past time to adjust company policies accordingly. Better yet, just rip it up and start all over.



Organizational structure cannot stay the same due the vast amount of changes that have occurred due to technology growth in the past 15 years.  The work place is not the same, people are not the same, situations are not the same and most importantly the world is not the same.  To get an idea of how things have changed take a look at Social Medial Revolution.  

What are your thoughts on organizations? Are they too old school? Have they adapted sufficiently? Are they stuck in a time warp?  As usual, I welcome questions or comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to catch me on Twitter, Post right here or directly on my Facebook Wall.  




..But @Klout, I don’t understand: Show me the Algorithm


Yes, I do pay attention to my Klout Score; it gives me an indication of my effectiveness. I also use Empire Avenue as a way to measure the effectiveness of different channels of my social media activity. With that said, should I really pay attention to Klout? Many say not to pay attention. <sidenote>I must admit to paying close attention to the PERKS section of Klout. Thanks for the Spotify invite ☺</sidenote>

I had a conversation with Tami of Aries GDIM about Klout; it was a rather long conversation about our thoughts and YES our scores. We both have been super swamped and have not had a chance to talk to our Twitter peeps as much as usual yet we both have revised and increased our Twitter usage a bit. Both of our scores took a recent hit, our graphs look similar. Makes you say hmmmm.

I did cut back a bit on my usual Twitter conversation so that I would focus tackling projects and on sharing more content. I decided to do this after I realized that I have a demographic from Europe. So, I really wanted to share more content during the times that they were on Twitter. This has been wonderful and I have had lots of retweets and thank you for sharing.

After these slight changes, I noticed that my KLOUT score took a 1-point dive, yet my Amplification score increased by 10 points. I may be ‘all old school and thangs’ but I would not think that an increase in Amplification of 10 points would in anyway produce a 1-point drop, unless that is the new math.

Ok, ok, I know people are like WTH Anise; you are like the kid in school that bitched about the 99 because they wanted to get 100. I do get it but it made me give serious thoughts to Klout and the Algorithm behind the score. So Klout I am saying (in my Cuba Gooding Jr “Show Me The Money” voice) Show me the algorithm ☺

Seriously, I am not a math wiz but even in my math challenged mind this does not add up. So what’s the deal? I’d really like input, thoughts or something so that I can stop wondering.

As usual, I welcome thoughts, opinions and comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to catch me on Twitter, post here or post directly on my Facebook Wall.

Check out the Klout REBOUND a few hours later …

@Klout adding #YouTube: For The Win!



I really love what Klout is doing with all of the expansion and additions of so many different features. First there was the addition of LInkinIN, then FourSquare and +K. Not necessarily in that order but all have been fairly recent.  The additions have added a stickier element to Klout, and +K  I’m sure has increased daily visits to the site. 


Now Klout is preparing to add YouTube, that is definitely For The Win!  I get pretty good traffic on my YouTube Channel, so I am rather excited about that. Upon the notification of the YouTube add, I started to notice a bit of a pattern.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I have noticed that right before Klout adds a channel my Klout score goes down. It does bounce back after the channel is added, however it does take a bit of a dive nevertheless. Not that its all about me or anything, just saying.


Excited about the YouTube add nevertheless, Kudos for Klout!




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