Once upon a time in the land far away.. oops sorry. Seriously, once upon a time when we wanted to find out information we went to the Search Engine at least that’s what it was called back in the day before Google dominated search.  At that time there were an abundance of search options, Yahoo, LookSmart, AskJeeves and Dogpile just to name a few. Then there was Google, and nothing would ever be the same again. So, after Google became a HUGE player in the search industry, we no longer used a search engine, we Googled. It was just what was done and how things happened. Notice that I am speaking in past tense.

Now, we don’t really Google so much. No boo-hoo’s for Google, they will survive as they are still hot and have the Internet “It Factor.” However, times are a changin’ and Facebook is now a truly dominating factor on the Internet. We still Google a bit, after we check our Facebook page, search for companies to LIKE, play Farmville or whatever ville we are playing now and check the news feed of our millions of friends..

The game has changed so much…..So what do we have now…We have,  Google search and Social Media by way of Facebook and other channels. Social Media is hot, Google is still pretty hot and serves most of our search needs.  Guess what, there is another avenue that is going to turn Google and Social on its head. Social Search, I’ve been talking about it forever. I’ve been saying, “It’s Time for Social Search” and “Social Search is happening now.” Guess what, Social Search IS HERE and guess what again, I am experiencing it’s awesomeness as you read. Wajam, remember that name because I believe it will be what Google is to Search and what Facebook is to Social Media.

The combination of traditional Google Search with Social Media becomes Social Search. This allows a person to not only search by interests but it allows them to see what their friends are interested in, right in the Google Search results. HOW huge is that? Take a look at the video and demo below.

Just like the video, I started a search on Google.  I searched for the word “Wajam” and not only did I get traditional Google search results, I also got WAJAM search results. This included search results from my Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  My results actually displayed the conversation with my friend Nakeva on Twitter in which she sent the Wajam invite that got this ball rolling.  How awesome is that?

Amazing stuff and the wave of the future. Remember, you saw it here first. Wajam is still in Beta so make sure you request an invite.

As usual I welcome any comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to leave me a comment or post directly on my Facebook Wall.