I tend to write about new technologies because I have a fascination with what is going to happen in technology moving forward. In fact I am still waiting for a lot of the technologies that were suppose to happen. Like the  Flying cars on the Jetsons. What The HECK on that…ummm Still WAITING.

So I like to try to find out and experience new technologies if at all possible. One of the technologies that I feel strongly will be an essential part of forward moving technologies are Virtual Worlds.  As more and more people become accustomed to 3D Technologies the acceptance of virtual worlds will grow. I’ve been involved with The Virtual World Second Life for over 2 years now.

I believe moving forward more and more businesses will have Second Life Locations. I visited Kelly Services, Nokia and even the Oval Office on Second Life.  As people become use to the idea of immersing themselves in technology by way of avatar more people and companies will venture on to Second Life and other virtual worlds. Check out some of the cool real life places that you can visit on Second Life



Anise Smith Marketing is fully on board with Virtual World Integration. So instead of JUST creating a website for our new Anise Smith Marketing Products Division we went with Virtual World Integration as well.


Traditional Website



 Virtual World Integration Website

Purchasing on Virtual World Integration Website



Virtual World integration involves duplication of your company within a virtual world. There are varying degrees in which to do this, you can duplicate a web presence only, go with a full duplication of your brick and mortal location or go with something in between.  Anise Smith Marketing went with web duplication as we are an online business only. Take a look at our walk through video below.