I work with a Macbook Pro which I really really LOVE and I started using Safari when I initially started using the Mac.  I soon discovered that Safari and I would have to part ways, and we had a very nasty break up on my Facebook page.  I must admit that I slipped back and creeped a tad with Safari but they upgraded and I just had to file my papers. Safari was out!
I then fell madly in love with Firefox, he was the best and had everything a woman could want. He was beautiful, functioned superbly at all times and he had the most wonderful plugins for SEO, ADDThis and even a QRCode Creator.  With all of this, I did develop a bit of a crush on Rockmelt so I did creep a bit. ( Don’t judge me people) So I had a discussion with Firefox about my desire to have a relationship with both he and Rockmelt. Firefox reluctantly agreed. Soon after Rockmelt started to be glitchy and I filed for a temporary separation and Firefox was so excited as he had me all to himself once again.
Recently I’ve started to be unhappy with the ways of Firefox, he prompted me to upgrade to 4 then turned into a  maniac. My plugins no longer worked, some were glitchy and some non functioning. He even started to freeze me out. I was so crushed as I considered Firefox to be my browser soul-mate. We were so in love once upon a time, now we’ve grown apart and it hurts so much.
Ummm…Hey …yeah Hey you..Pssstt..yeah Rockmelt, C’mon over here..Hey baby what’s new??? Are you ready to commit to me? Are you familiar with the phrase “If you like then you shoulda’ put a ring on it…?”
Firefox, you will be hearing from my attorney..You’re divorced ( said in my Donald Trump..You’re Fired Voice)

Seriously, 🙂 what’s your browser of choice? Right now I am using the Social Media Browser which is a Chrome-based browser with a case of ADD. If you multitask, and you are heavily into social media RockMelt is for you. Rockmelt RAWKS!  Thanks for indulging my goofy story! I hope you got a chuckle from it.


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