When I worked for a large organization we had what seemed like millions of meetings. I always viewed them as a waste of time, excruciatingly BORING and very time consuming. To me it seemed as if the big cheeses needed to substantiated whatever it was that they were doing by meeting and discussing it, at least we were all comfortable with 9 of the best office chairs for your back, that we found, even tho I had work to do.

So, in an increasingly technology connected world and global workforce it would seem that tradition meetings would be the first thing to be deemed obsolete and replaced with a more logical way of meeting.  That would within a virtual world like Second Life. I have been having meeting in Second Life for over two years now and they are very effective and they allow you to multitask while meeting. Win-win!

To one up that, is there even a need for a physical office anymore? We are so global, the workforce has become virtual and computing is going to the cloud.  Why not just scrap the traditional office? It would be the logical thing to do. What do you think?

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