In my excitement about so many aspects of Social Media I constantly share many things. All of which I have been told by friends, clients and followers that the information is of value to them. It is very important that your content does not suck and that your content is king.  I usually create at least one original Internet Marketing/Social Media related blog post, one original QR code Marketing blog post every day and the rest of the information isshared & curated.

In my excitement, yesterday I shared a particularly exciting tweet about the influx of known Social Media Experts that are venturing into Empire Avenue and enjoying the game tremendously. As a founding member of the unofficial hub of Empire Avenue, #SocialEmpire I am very excited to see the growth and excitement about this game. #SocialEmpire has a growing presence by way of Facebook GroupFacebook Page, and Stock Tip Group directly on Empire Avenue.  The group members and founders of this group are very excited about Empire Avenue and we are more excited that it has brought together some of the most brilliant social media and Internet marketing  experts, unknown and known that we’ve ever come across.


I digressed a bit, but this particular tweet landed in one of my networks and I had someone ask the question “Is this game like Farmville?” I responded with an explanation that I thought effectively explained the goals of the game and led them to my blog post, Empire Avenue: No Farmville.  The return response in a nutshell accused some social media professionals with being narcissists, I assumed that it directed at me as well. Or maybe not? Would it be narcissistic of me to assume that I am important enough to actually be full of myself?  Makes you say Hmmmm..huh?



After my initial response of “Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis? ” I started to really think about narcissism, then I Googled it.





WELL, I honestly don’t think I am a narcissist or that others in this profession that I’ve talked to, collaborated with and developed relationships with are either.  I do however believe that some people do indeed take things to serious and should really lighten up an enjoy life. This is after all about being social, that’s what we do right? Social interaction is all a  matter of choice and as individuals we go with what avenue best fits us.


More importantly the people that feel as if a game such as Empire Avenuepromotes narcissist are probably the people that are NOT on their A-game, that are the self proclaimed Gurus and Wizards of Social Media. It could be that Empire Avenue may flush out the the Social Media Gurus  and separate them from those that are really on their Social Media game even, Narcissistic though they may be.


As usual, I welcome comments good, bad, ugly or indifferent and today I welcome them from narcissistic people, self proclaimed gurus and regular peeps. 😛  So feel free to comment here or on my Facebook Wall.


P.S. Don’t be “Scured” Self proclaimed Social Media Gurus, Empire Avenue may help you engage your social media channels more effectively. We all have room for professional growth…..so jump in and more importantly, have fun!