I try to write about business start ups because I value the importance of having multiple sources of income. It has saved my can, many, many times so I try to stress the importance of starting a business no matter the size, no matter the type. The goal is to have an additional source of income, especially in this economy.
When planning to start a business we tend to think about the financial aspects, what kind of business to start, and fantasize about divorcing our boss. Oops sorry I may have been projecting. LOL Well anyway, one of the things that we must consider before we even think about any of this is creating a brand.  Some of you are like oh OK, cool others are like WT-Heck Anise, what are you talking about.


Effective brand building starts with your color scheme and ends with making an impact with your colors and logo. Think about some of the largest brands in the world, their colors and logo. The Brands that stick out in my mind are Pepsi, Home Depot, Snickers and Dunkin Donuts. The colors and look of these brands stick in my mind because of effective branding. Lets think about the Snicker brand for a minute. A while ago Snickers did an entire marketing campaign which swapped out the actual word Snickers and added another. Yet we KNEW that the campaign was still an ad for Snickers. THIS is what I mean by branding. You need your brand to be memorable, just like some of the bigger brands.




Branding starts with Color so give some careful thought to what color you would like your brand to be. Check the resources below for more information on color selection.  Also consider the book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding .


Choosing Color & The Big Brands
Color  and Recognition 
Meaning of color 
Color your Brand 
Psychology of Color


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