I recently started writing for Technorati (blog love baby 🙂 and I just love the way things are done. It’s as if you are a journalist chasing down your next story. This made me consider journalism, as in before Social Media and blogging were popular.  I then realized the blogging and Social Media has made great in roads in taking the place of traditional journalist media coverage. It seems as if bloggers are breaking stories before traditional media channels. Some stories that bloggers cover are never addressed by traditional media channels.


Personally, I hardly ever watch the news or listen to the new on the radio because by the time evening news is due to start I’ve read about all of the news and the hottest stories Online, by way of Social Media, Blog or website.  Amazingly, some of the stories that I felt were compelling, interesting and very news worthy never make the cut for the evening news.


I wrote a story yesterday about NASA and the lax security of the computer systems. It was really scary stuff and this story was NOT on the news, yet the story was absolutely buzzing online and on blogs. This leads me to believe that it is a possibility that traditional news sources only scratch the surface of the stories that need to be told. Furthermore, as time progresses will people even feel a need to tune in to the local and or world news anymore? So I wonder if Web, Social Media and Blogs really have replaced traditional sources of news and journalism? What are your thoughts? Do you watch traditional news? Or do you catch up on everything online?


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