I always recommend that companies start a blog , because it provides readers with fresh content about what the company is up to. As opposed to a website which is very static, and upgrades at best once per year for most companies. When I previously wrote about starting a company blog I thought about the many formats, blogging platforms available and how confusing it could be for people and companies that are just getting started.

I listed WordPress, Posterous and Tumbler as my choices because they are the most popular formats to speak of. There is also Blogger which is a Google product and the first blogging format that I used. I started with Blogger because the layout was very simple and that’s what I needed at the time. I recently started to phase out my use of Blogger as it no longer fits my needs. So that leaves me with the other 3 that I mentioned.

I currently have a few Posterous blogs, obviously because that’s what your reading and that’s where I am currently typing. 🙂 I love this blogging platform because of its ease of use. A requirement for my blogging platform is ease of use, I write original content blogs at least twice per day and curate up to 20 per day, sometimes more.  I just don’t have an excessive amount of time to fart around with a platform. Posterous allow one of the easiest formats possible to create a blog. It can be as simple as creating an email, adding a picture and sending it to Posterous.  Then wham bam, Posterous puts it together and thats your blog post. Seriously, how much easier can it get. I would love to see Posterous add the option of allowing Java widgets and expanding the template selection. However, I still love this platform and I will continue to use it.

The second blogging platform that I really like is Tumblr, which is considered a micro blogging platform. This platform is also super easy to use and the popularity is growing. I started using Tumblr when I started playing Empire Avenue because so many people had it and I thought I would try it out. I have not looked back. Tumblr has a decent selection of templates varying in functionality. I just switched Templates because I noticed that the new template offered many more social sharing options and the ability to customize it more than my previous template.  A few great things about Tumblr, it’s very easy to share, like and reblog posts.  When you log into Tumblr you arrive at your Dashboard, this is where you can see all blogs of the people that you follow and like and share or reblog them. This is HUGE, but only IF you want people to actually read your content. (tongue in cheek)


I know that I will probably get hate mail, or maybe I am narcissistic and overly value my importance. Yup, that’s probably it. Digression. Well, I am truly not a fan of WordPress although I do have an account.  I had to create a blog really quick so I thought to use my WordPress, that was the first mistake…After working first with Blogger that is super simple, then with Posterous which is amazing and still very easy to work with and then Tumblr. I was like What – The- blankety-blank-blank on WordPress. Umm yeah no time to fart around it. So for this really quick blog that I needed to get done, I went with another Tumblr blog. I personally believe that WordPress blogs are used by people in an elitist way.  OHHH ( my nose in the air….with upscale English accent…that’s hard considering that I’m from Philly….probably sounds more like Snookie from Jersey Shore) I have a WordPress blog. Just joking, a bit.

I say all of that to say blogging platforms like anything should fit your individual company or personal needs. Give them all a spin, I did. If you want a breakdown of the formats check out a pretty detail rating of them all on the Matt Banner blogging guide website (smile)

As usual, feel free to comment, I welcome opinions good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Leave a comment here or directly on my Facebook Wall.