Yes, I do pay attention to my Klout Score; it gives me an indication of my effectiveness. I also use Empire Avenue as a way to measure the effectiveness of different channels of my social media activity. With that said, should I really pay attention to Klout? Many say not to pay attention. <sidenote>I must admit to paying close attention to the PERKS section of Klout. Thanks for the Spotify invite ☺</sidenote>

I had a conversation with Tami of Aries GDIM about Klout; it was a rather long conversation about our thoughts and YES our scores. We both have been super swamped and have not had a chance to talk to our Twitter peeps as much as usual yet we both have revised and increased our Twitter usage a bit. Both of our scores took a recent hit, our graphs look similar. Makes you say hmmmm.

I did cut back a bit on my usual Twitter conversation so that I would focus tackling projects and on sharing more content. I decided to do this after I realized that I have a demographic from Europe. So, I really wanted to share more content during the times that they were on Twitter. This has been wonderful and I have had lots of retweets and thank you for sharing.

After these slight changes, I noticed that my KLOUT score took a 1-point dive, yet my Amplification score increased by 10 points. I may be ‘all old school and thangs’ but I would not think that an increase in Amplification of 10 points would in anyway produce a 1-point drop, unless that is the new math.

Ok, ok, I know people are like WTH Anise; you are like the kid in school that bitched about the 99 because they wanted to get 100. I do get it but it made me give serious thoughts to Klout and the Algorithm behind the score. So Klout I am saying (in my Cuba Gooding Jr “Show Me The Money” voice) Show me the algorithm ☺

Seriously, I am not a math wiz but even in my math challenged mind this does not add up. So what’s the deal? I’d really like input, thoughts or something so that I can stop wondering.

As usual, I welcome thoughts, opinions and comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to catch me on Twitter, post here or post directly on my Facebook Wall.

Check out the Klout REBOUND a few hours later …