I am a big advocate of having a company blog and I have written about this many times.  At one time it was enough to just have a website, before that time, a telephone number was fine.  Now times have changes, people are way more engaged and social.

I have a lot of people ask, “What the heck do I write in a company blog.”   Well since people are way more social and engaged, they like to read about what your company is doing, they want to see the faces behind the company. They want to see videos of the company picnic, pictures of the holiday party and they want to know about the events that your company is having.  Posting these types of things on the company blog helps customers, clients and potential clients feel more connected to the company.

You can get started with a blog right away and it can be as simple or difficult as you allow it to be. There are some very simple formats to starting your company blog and there are some more involved blogging platforms.  So, what are you waiting for, get started.

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