There seems to be a new wave in Blogging and that is Content Curation, which is providing essential bits of stories.  The goal of content curation is to provide the information that you think your followers would like using various sources of original content. There seems to be a lot of mixed messages and opinions of content curation by creators of original content.


As a provider of both types of content I feel that both are very essential parts of providing useful, relevant and essential content to your followers. As an original content provider I love to provide original, what I believe witty and sometimes-sarcastic content in my own tone of voice to people that have an interest in following and reading my dialogue. This original content is not strategically planned but more so created on a whim of what I think would be cool to say, what’s relevant and what information is currently int he news that I believe people would be interested in hearing my spin on.


On the other hand I am also involved with curating a lot of information because as an Internet Marketer as much as we can sometimes believe we know everything about everything, we do not. I know I am very willing to embrace the ideas and ideologies of others because even If we are on the same page about something’s, peers or other people in your industry can add a different spin or flavor to an idea. This is one of the reasons that I curate information as well as create. It allow me to offer a different perspective on ideas and provides a great source of information to my followers that I feel would be beneficial to them regardless of the source.


I love my information to be curated because I feel as if my information has gone beyond just my readers/follower and can then be beneficial to others. The key to curation of others original content is that you should always give credit to the source of the information.


What are your thoughts? Should all information provided be original content created by the provider? Or do you not care? Does it minimize the effectiveness of the information if the curator is not the content creator? If you created original content do you care if your information is curated?


As usual, I welcome thoughts; opinions so feel free to respond to this post, on Twitter or post directly on my Facebook Page. I love to hear opinions, good bad, ugly or indifferent.