I have been reading so much about the economy, jobs or lack thereof.  Could it be that we have it all wrong, should we be looking for traditional employment options or should be exploring alternative choices?   Things in the United States have change so drastically is it even plausible to think of employment in the same way as we have in the past?



Think about the many things that have changed with the economy, technology, social media, cloud computing and more.  Theworkplace is so very different than it use to be.  To take things a bit further, the world is so much different than it use to be just a few years ago due to these technological advances. The traditional ways of doing practically everything has changed by the use of advanced technologies and Social Media. Could it be that we are living in a world so different that we have to shift our beliefs from what we traditionally thought of as the norm to accept different ways of doing things, in the workplace?




Organizations will soon have to adapt their expectations and methodologies to reflect the changes that are literally happening as we “speak”. Companies may no longer need to have millions of people on staff for an indefinite amount of time.  It could be that technology growth allows for employees on an as needed per project basis.  Hence the rise of freelancers and the waves of people that are embracing non-traditional employment opportunities.


It seems that due to some of the changes in traditional employment and the rise of freelance opportunities, there are some people that will only accept freelance positions.  It is said that freelancing offers some the opportunity to balance work and life. As time progresses and the workplace becomes more tech-focused and people become more mobile it could be where employment is heading.





Infographic from freshbooks.com 



Is this something that you would explore? Does the lure of freedom beckon you? Are you prepared for changes if this is the wave of the future? Is this something that you would love or hate?  Can you visualize yourself as a freelancer? Or are you more in tuned with traditional employment opportunities?  I would really love to know what your thoughts are. I welcome all thoughts, comment and questions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent.   So feel free to comment here, catch me on Twitter or post your comments directly on myFacebook wall