Empire Avenue has become very popular within the past few weeks. I believe that some of the driving forces are the groups that are behind the scenes that really have a passion for the the game. I would go so far as to say its the family like structure behind the company.

Empire Avenue can really overwhelm the n00b, especially the gamers that are fresh off the Farmville kick. Empire Avenue is no Farmville as I continuously stated.

There are a few Facebook Groups that are working with Empire Avenue Players to ensure that they get the full Empire Avenue experience.



The First group which are pioneers in regard to Empire Avenue Facebook Groups, is #SocialEmpire and was the brainstorm of Ryan Zeigler who pulled in a few strong Social Media peeps to realize his vision of creating an avenue to discuss the Social Media aspects of Empire Avenue. This group has an open Empire Avenue based community/ groupTwitter following, Facebook Page and Blog. The Facebook Group #SocialEmpire has almost 500 members.  The group has visitors from some of the more elite social media players, Chris Pirillo and Jeremiah Owyang as well as members from Ford Motor Company, Intel, Mashable and Nokia.


This group, in conjunction with the #SocialEmpire Network resources listed below, is to be used as a means of developing and extending your Empire Avenue relationships to your other social networks and even into “real life” via enhancing business contacts, collaboration, and general goodwill among its members.


Additional groups have evolved to create a great balance of Social Media, Game Dynamics, Empire Avenue Tips and a new Discussion based Chat Group.

The Game Dynamics group has the scoop on how to really play the game successfully and is the brainstorm of the [X] Brand which are pioneers of the game and some of the original Beta Team of Empire Avenue. X Bar  Where everyone Knows Your Ticker is where you want to go to get the scoop about the game, strategy and to talk to some of the originals that are familiar with the history of Empire Avenue.


This Facebook group was established (as well as the [X] Bar chat on Empire Avenue)  to offer help and assistance for FREE in regards to all the various Empire Avenue mechanics, as well as further collaboration and communication for the overall social good.


Team Zen is led by Frédéric Dénommé who will amaze you with his choices, tips and hot stocks. This group also has one of the largest and most successful Empire Avenue based group, also named Team Zen . If you need tips, statistics on ROI, High Divs selection, n00b investment choices, there is no better place.


The Newest Group is Empire Avenue #TweetChats and is a Twitter driven chat group created by Tom Cooley.


This Facebook group and the associated Empire Avenue community– are set up with the purpose of supporting each other in hashtag chats on Twitter. Post ’em when you host ’em! Let us know and we’ll try to show. See my blog post for more details: http://bit.ly/EAvChat


Check out ALL of these group for a very well rounded Empire Avenue Experience comprised of Social Media Tips, Game Dynamics, Stock Tips and Twitter Chat. Join ALL four!


As usual, if you have any comments, Good, Bad, Ugly or Indifferent feel free to leave a comment here or post directly on my Facebook Wall.