As usual, I was late in picking up a card for Father’s Day for my dad because I have detachment issues when I leave my computer for long periods of time 😛 Kidding ( a little)  Well as I ventured to pick through what was left of the Fathers Day Cards I promised myself that I would pop back by to sift through Gift Cards that my father would use and not toss aside to the pile of useless gift cards that he has from places that he would never visit.   So I found the perfect card which involved humor and giving credit to my dad for my imaginary brilliance. LOL

Now it was time for the elusive search for gift cards, First choice was Home Depot, the second was, well I didn’t know but was willing to seek and find. I found a Dunkin Donuts card which is better than Home Depot. EXCITED!  As I was searching I notice an entire section of gift cards for Zynga Games, Famville, Zooville and more. My question is why would one need a gift card for a free Facebook Game. I do admit to having a temporary addiction to Farmvile that was cured by grad school. I do not remember anything that required payment of any sort. What would one buy with a gift card? Is it now a requirement to play. So I guess I’m really wondering if all online games will cross to outside of the scope of the original context of the game to the gift card business? If so as players will is soon be a requirement to pay to play. Is this the NEW form of Gamification?

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