Yesterday, I had quite an amazing day and it was literally groundbreaking. I experienced an Earthquake on the East Coast, which started from Virginia and headed up the coast to Philly and beyond.  The Earthquake itself was quite astounding as it is totally NOT an East coast thing. What was more astounding was the way in which everyone, including myself gathered the news about the quake.



I’ve always stood by my opinion that the Internet, more specifically Social Media has had a profound effect on the world as we know it and our everyday lives. However, you truly realize this effect when something that is very newsworthy happens. I frequently commented on how newspapers, traditional media sources and traditional journalists are practically obsolete, although I considered it a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe there is more truth to the statement than I was even willing to believe. 



So yesterday, after suspecting that I had in fact experienced some sort of natural occurrence and that my dwelling was not falling down around me. I did not, for one minute even consider turning on a TV or radio, I immediately went to Twitter and then Facebook. To me it was never even a thought to check what the news media or radio stations were reporting. Instead my first reaction was to find out what was being said by way of Social Media. I did eventually turn on a TV but it was AFTER I found out from online sources what was going on.



To me this is a strong indication that Social Media has taken a place in our lives that was once dedicated to other sources of media like TV or Radio. This progression was gradual and almost unnoticeable.  This made me wonder how media will be viewed moving forward.  Will traditional media sources like TV and radio continue to be relevant? Are they relevant now? Is it old school to watch traditional news programming? Will our kids even think to turn on the TV to get news? 



As amazing as technology is, are we missing out on anything by not turning to traditional news sources first? Does it matter? I would love to know your thoughts, so feel free to comment here, catch me on Twitter or post directly on my Facebook Wall.