I wrote a piece a short while ago about Google Plus, during the introduction week. One of the things that I discussed was how people were going on and on about how they believed that it was WEB 3.0.  This was, and still is a bit far-fetched and quite frankly in my opinion not the case because as huge as Google + is they could never be ALL of WEB 3.0 which is otherwise known as The Sematic Web.



With that said I do believe that Google is about to change how we view the Internet yet again.  When in grad school for Internet Marketing we discussed Social Media and Search Engine Optimization/Marketing as two separate entities.  This was just a year ago and so quickly things have changed. Google was always at the forefront of the Search Engine Optimization discussions and Facebook was the topic when discussing Social Media. This was primarily because GOOGLE WAS and STILL IS SEARCH. Now things have changed drastically and how we view Search will now merge into the Social area because of Google+. This new Google Social Platform, is at the very earliest stages of Social Search which WILL be huge and change Search, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing as we know it now.







Facebook tried to get a bit of jump on Social Search with theteam up with Bing, but the problem with this is that no one really cares about Bing. Beyond the very cool Bing TV commercial they are really irrelevant in the search game. So the introduction of Google plus just pushed Bing farther down on the list of irrelevance.



Google put in place the plus 1 way before they introduced Google+ the Social Media site, I’m sure this wa a part of putting together the frame work for Google+ the introduction of Social Search. The Plus will play a large role in merging together Search and Social. With these things in place, Google now has all of the pieces in place to steam roll everyone by continuing to Dominate Search, Moving into the Social Media game successfully and merging these two components to form Social Search. This is HUGE so pay attention.



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