I have noticed an abundance of Social Media types floating about, discussing their guru and wizard status. I am totally not knocking viewing oneself as a wizard or guru, ok I’m lying, I am throwing a bit of a dig at it. I think about a guru and wizard in a literal way I guess and when I do I chuckle a bit. I just think as industry professionals we shouldn’t view ourselves as gurus and wizard or any other title that has a potential to get a chuckle from anyone. 

I think of Lawyers and Doctors, then wonder how serious they would be taken if they selected to attach the title guru or wizard. Oh “Hi Anise, I will be your doctor. My name is Dr. Smith and I am a Wizard of neurosurgery.” Ummmm…I’ll pass. 

The point I’m trying to make is that Social Media has become such an essential part of a company marketing strategy, why would a company select not to reqire standards higher than guru? It is very important to choose an Internet Professional/Community Manger that has both EDUCATION and hands on experience.  Education creates the ability to think beyond the basics and toward a strategy which is essential for accomplishing long term company goals in regard to Internet presence. 

A fellow graduate wrote a very informative post about the benefits of formal education in Internet Marketing and was totally on point. His Internet Marketing focus is in the SEO area but the points he made applies to all aspects of Internet Marketing. Lets all take a lot of steps beyond the guru and wizard in regard to Internet Marketing, Social Media and SEO. 

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