We have come a long way baby! Within the past ten years we have excelled beyond ones mind could think in the area of technology. We’ve gone from very static boring websites to having the ability to literally walk around in a virtual world.  Yet our antiquated beliefs about the workplace and work structure remain the same.


Technology has grown to a point that we can communicate effortlesslywithout ever meeting or seeing another person. There’s Skype, Cell Phone, Laptops, and Tablets. We talk to people in many different countries, by way of phone and or Internet. We also share files on cloud based systems. WHY do we still believe in a traditional organization structure??




I had a recent event & restructuring and the people involved literally took the group back to an 1980’s hierarchical organization structure. The previous structure was flat and equal and the new structure literally reverted to hierarchical right before my eyes. How can it even be in the minds of anyone to move an organizational structure backward?


We area very a technologically advanced society, we have to pull our mode of thinking away from 1985 and move forward as technology has.  For some careers, there’s no reason to leave your home to perform work duties, yet we still are? Why is that? Gas will be $7.00 a gallon and organizations will expect their workers to schlep miles to work when the same duties could be done from home.


If we want to fully grasp technology and take advantage of all that it has to offer we have to restructure, our minds, thoughts and more specificallyaddress our antiquated philosophies on organizational structure. Technology has enlightened us, but we still have our blinders on in regard to so many things.  Technology has the ability to make us a global society but we have to step away from1985 belief systems in order to fully take advantage of it.


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