I was educated formally on SEO, Social Media Optimization and various forms of Internet Marketing. However, I’ve always had a strong pull toward Social Media because it is SOCIAL, I get to talk and interact with people. What more could you as for?  So when marketing my business I maximized my efforts in the area of Social Media Optimization, some New Media Marketing Strategies and added some traditional SEO strategies. This strategy has really been very effective in Marketing for me.

Recently i’ve notice that there seems to be less of a demand for SEO. Why? People are not utilizing traditional websites as once was the case. People now use Blogs which are very social oriented and updated more frequently than static websites which minimizes some need for traditional SEO.  Also, with Google projecting an increase in PPC ads and Facebook utilizing more ads, how does this effect the SEO industry. Is it time for people and businesses to  increase Social Media Optimization Strategies in their mix?  What are you using as a marketing mix?  Do you believe SEO is dead?

Would love to know your thoughts and opinions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to post here, catch me on Twitter or post directly to my Facebook Wall.