I am a great lover of the Internet and all things Technology related. So when there is technology to be found, learned, embraced I am all for it. It’s exciting to me so I love to share! Technology, Social Media and Internet Marketing is my intellectual soulmate.


When I share information, I get amazing feedback mostly. However, sometimes I get responses from people that feel as if Technology is a conspiracy created specifically for the government to spy on them. Ummmm….Seriously tho ( YES I SAID THO and spelled it wrong on purpose. )  REALLY? Technology as an entire huge money making industry was created specifically to spy on YOU? One person of many billions in this huge world? Ok, I’m thinking of a nice way to say Get over yourself, really in the spectrum of life and technology, you truly over value your importance. Is there a nice way to even say that?


Technology is something to be learned, embraced not feared. Things are advancing so fast that one month of fear could set you back years in the world of expanding technology. Do we all not feel the urge to just reach out and learn something new, hit the number 2 on the Google page to advance to the next screen, find out What, Why and When in regards to Technology? Shouldn’t we all want to know what’s next?


My philosophy about Technology is “What’s next….What’s Next…What’s next” in the famous words of Drinking With Bob.

What are your thoughts about technology? Are you affraid?  Do you believe it’s a conspiracy from the government to obtain your Private Information? Or do you want to embrace it?


<Side note>

  • The Government already has your private information.
  • They don’t care what you’re doing.
  • Privacy as you know it is over. 
  • Get over yourself, you’re not that important. 
  • I say all of this with love 


Let me know your thoughts, I welcome them with technology embracing open arms. Remember, you can leave me a comment here or post directly on my Facebook Wall. I welcome all opinions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent..