Although there is a HUGE focus on Google, Amazon and Microsoft we cannot minimize NOKIA in the game of #NFC. Nokia is a HUGE player in this game, and frankly right now the only player that is really in it HARD!

Read more about Nokia’s role in NFC and you be the judge of who is the big player.

Read more about Google’s role in NFC below…


It’s well known that Apple and Google will be two of the major players in the roll out of NFC technology and on Google’s part, this became even more evident at the Google I/O where they hosted a session on “How To NFC”.

Google has always been interested in near field communication technology because this money exchange information makes use of location awareness and information sharing, items that are at the heart of Google’s core business. With the upcoming new version of Android which is now known as Ice Cream Sandwich, we now know that the search engine giant will be deploying some interesting support for embedded NFC chips. However, at this time, the Google Nexus S is the only Android smartphone to have this embedded chip and unless more Android phones adopt this feature, this technology will not flourish.

This however is going to change in a big way with Nick Pelly going on the record to confirm that over the course of this year, we can expect to see a large number of Android products that will have NFC functionality. Nick by the way is a technical lead for near field communication with Google. Right now, we take items like wirelessnetwork support and GPS functionality for granted as features that should come standard on any mobile smartphone. If Google (and others) are able to push NFC in a big way, we could soon be grouping NFC technology in with the others as standard features that we expect on any new phone release.

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