I am a big advocate of what now is becoming the back in the day way of payment, Paypal. I started using Paypal quite a while ago, even before they were purchased by Ebay. I have been happy with them for the most part, although they did tie my money up  one time. Bygones…but I was not so pleased with them at that particular time. However I got over it.

Recently there has been a surge in conversation about payments by way of QR code, Square and by way of NFC, all of which I am totally up for.  However there was a new potential payment thrown in the mix to me not more than 5 minutes ago by way of Socially Pay Twitter follow. Gotta’ love social media. I love that I had just opened my blog to write for today and BAM, there they were. Again, gotta’ love social media.

Socially Pay, allows you to pay by way of Twitter or Facebook click. Cool huh? They are in Alpha testing but I am big on Alpha & Beta testing like my friend Nakeva. My questions to you are how progressive are you about technology? Are you willing to pay by QR code, NFC or Social Media?


Well as usual, I welcome comments good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to leave a comment here, or directly on my Facebook Wall.