I hear so many people going on and on about how their privacy has been invaded by technology, Facebook, a QR code,  a Chimi Changa from Taco Bell. What the HELL people! You have all of your information displayed on Facebook for everyone to see.  You share pics of your husbands toe fungus, of your kid and dog eating dog food from the same bowl, and you update your status every time you butter a bagel. SERIOUSLY, if you are this person your privacy is compromised by …umm wait…go look in the mirror….yeah YOU. Privacy as you know it is over

If you are interested in regaining your privacy take the following steps:

  • Turn off your computer, then donate it to a school to get a tax write off
  • Donate your cell phone to a women’s shelter
  • Sell your 82″ Flat screen on Ebay
  • Go get a rustic mountain cabin, with no fancy LED shower head, no refrig and no electricity for your flat iron or Wii.

Until then….STHU..I say that with love.

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