I have been writing about and marketing with QR codes for a while now and people have really started to be very receptive to the idea of QR codes once they realized the value.


Now here comes NFC or Near Field Communication which is similar to QR codes because it allows a person or company to imbed information to be scanned by cell phone. From what I have gathered NFC may have more functionality than QR codes. Companies are exploring avenues of using NFC as a way to replace a debit cards allowing the ability to use an NFC enabled cell phone to be used as a virtual wallet of sorts.





But wait….lets not throw the QR code out with the baby and bath water. I never really understood that statement. Digression. A few points about NFC that may allow an avenue of utilizing both technologies as they can be used to perform different functions.


QR codes can be created easily and for FREE by anyone. NFC uses computer chips instead of a code to scan. Where do we get the chips? How much do they cost? Can we add our own information? I’m sure they are not FREE. These are a few questions that would need to be addressed before I considered elimination of the thoughts of marketing by way of QR codes. I truly believe that there is a marketing avenue for both depending on what kind of budget you have and what kind of campaign you are interested in marketing.


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