I’ve been wallowing in my Social Media Addiction for quite a while now and loving every single minute of optimizing Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and my Blogs. Fun..Fun…Fun!  Then my good friend Josepf posted on Facebook, ” Everyone’s For Sale! see what your Social Media accounts are worth.”


SAY WHAAT? Empire Avenue, I’m IN! That was a few months ago and I am loving the ride! Empire Avenue is more than just a game, it has become THE BEST way to measure the effectiveness of ones Social Media activity, while having fun. Not just measuring Facebook and Twitter, but your activity across a variety of social media channels and blogs.

Empire Avenue has also opened the door to amazing networking opportunities, friendships and the chance to bond with some of the most amazingly brilliant minds in Social Media, Technology, and a variety of other industries.

In addition to some of the amazing benefits of Empire Avenue, it is responsible for bringing together the minds behind the very popular #/SocialEmpire which is the unofficial social hub of Empire Avenue related activities and is quickly transforming into the mecca of progressive social media activity and brainstorming.

The power of Empire Avenue is being recognized as THE Place To Be! Just take look at the influx of new members.

……And yes #SocialEmpire is there….

Join the elite, Join me &  be a part of Empire Avenue then be a part of #SocialEmpire

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