Social Media is really pushed as a means to promote brand recognition, company awareness and potentially increase sales. It is in fact a great avenue for all of those things as well as others.


One of the things that we do not discuss as often is the ability of Social Media to address and increase customer service satisfaction. Think of this, when have we ever had an opportunity in traditional marketing efforts to reach out and have a conversation with our customers as we have with social media.


Social Media allows us to find people that are interested in our business, they allow us into their lives by way of following and they give us their valuable attention. That is HUGE!  As a business we have to see this as an opportunity to reach out to them, find out their likes & dislikes and ulitimatley develop a relationship with them.


So we should use our social media presence as an opportunity not only to market our company but also as an opportunity to engage customers and address any issues that they may be having with our products or services. I say again, that is HUGE!


I say, lets stop viewing social media as something that we must do but lets view it as an opportunity to engage our customers and open the door of communication. 


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