Social Media has had a huge impact on our every day lives, it seems as if it touches every aspect of our lives.  Most of these things have been extremely positive and as an advocate of social media I love that!


I wrote a post about using  social media in a job search and using social media to create a positive online presence. This is beyond essential in this very tough and competitive job market.


I have been reading more and more about the effects of social media on the hiring process. It seems that employers are very willing to use social media as a pre-screening of sorts before a person is even considered a candidate for a position. Under these circumstances there should always be a thought and second thought before posting stories, pictures and videos to any social media channels. The bad post you make today could haunt you tomorrow.


There are various ways to create a positive online impression of ones self but it really starts with being aware of your image which should be viewed as your own personal brand. I view my personal brand with the same importance as big corporations and you should as well.


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