Many people ask, how do you get a post to go viral? A video to go viral? How do I get people to visit my Facebook page? GOOD CONTENT and an audience that is in tune to your message, not just followers. Social Media is after all a conversation and if you have interesting things to say and interested people listening, that is more than half the battle. However if you have dry conversation and followers that you purchased through one of those ” I can get you 40 million followers in 40 hours” type of deals…umm yeah..Good Luck with that.


Part of social media is engaging but a huge part of it is providing content worthy of engagement and the right audience that has an interest in your message. For example if you sell pet items you must find an audience that will appreciate your love for pet items. Also most importantly although you may sell pet items you have to offer more than your sales pitch. Supply helpful tips about pets, funny stories, videos etc. The goal with any avenue of Social Media is that you provide content that keeps your followers engaged.


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