I started dabbling in Social Media a while ago and quite honestly wasn’t very good at it. I believe it was primarily because I was blah..blah..blahing about what I wanted to talk about and guess what no one cared what the heck I was talking about. I would create a post and guess what the response was? Click the play button below. LOL


I wrote a post about Good Content that was very popular because I think people really understood what I was talking about and they actually cared about the content that was written. When aspiring to write good content you have to first care about what you are talking about, feel passionate about your message and find an audience that cares about your message. If people don’t care about what you are talking about know what..go click the button above again. Right!
If you are selling shoe laces chances are there is nothing you can do to make that VIRAL. #JustSayin. With that said, there may be a chance that a person could find an audience that is passionate about shoe laces. Jessie Jackson said Keep Hope good luck with the viral shoe laces stories. But if you’re a selling shoes, you may have more luck, there are plenty of sites that sell shoes succesfully, for example I digressed, but my point is there is an audience for all content, you just have to find yours. Also, while writing ask yourself if you would read your story and if you fall asleep in the middle of asking yourself that question, move on to a different story with more engaging content. SERIOUSLY

People that sell shoe laces please don’t write me hate mail, I love you although I ragged on you a bit. I just needed to make a point.

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