Utilizing the Social Media channels are FREE.  If you know how to use Facebook and Twitter, guess what,  free! Also if you have a 12 year old nephew that is on Facebook and Twitter constantly from his phone, yup, you got it FREE.

<sidenote>My life’s philosophy is, “If it’s FREE its for me!” Isn’t that the greatest phrase, feel free to use it. You’re Welcome 🙂 </sidenote>


However, if you want a Social Media Marketing Plan, Social Media Strategy or Social Media Optimization, those options aren’t FREE.  If you’d like a plan how your company can utilize all relevant Social Media Channels to reach out to customers, NOT FREE. If you need a comprehensive plan to give your company competitive edge, NOT FREE. If you need a variety of Social Media Channels optimized using a combination of SEO & SMM strategies to give you the maximum exposure, you guessed it NOT FREE.


Social Media can be utilized as much or as little as fits your needs and you can select the option that is also best for your company. You can go the 12 year old nephew route, the do it yourself route or even hire someone to do it for you route.  One thing you shouldn’t be willing to do is to ignore Social Media because it is here to stay and it looks as if it will soon be the primary avenue to market a business.  So Free or Paid, just don’t ignore it.


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