Social Media is a wonderful thing! I write about it quite often, as I believe it is beneficial on so many levels. Used as an avenue to connect and reconnect with past and present friends, It is quite unparallelled.  As a business tool it stands above anything that I’ve ever seen because of its ability to reach people in a different way than previous old school methods. As a consumer myself, I LOVE that I can really reach the face behind the business and as a business owner I love offering my visitors, followers, clients and potential clients an avenue to reach me.


As wonderful as I believe Social Media to be, I am under no misconception that it is by any means a magic bullet for any business. It seems that companies view social media and other new media technologies, as a avenue to turn their business into a viral hit overnight. Ummm NO.  Social Media is NOT the magic bullet, it does however offer you a channel, if use properly to reach out and meet your clients, get to know them and most importantly have a conversation with them.


Social Media is NOT a channel in which to shout your old school sales pitch or shove your lame-o message down the throats of your listeners. #Fail Fast method!  In order to fully understand social media and how it’s changed the world and in particular the business world we must first rid of ourselves of old school mentalities on marketing, reaching clients and selling our products. We have to now embrace a New way of marketing and sales by way of engagement. That starts with reaching out to our followers to provide relevant content on our channels, find out what moves them, what they like, what they dislike and most importantly, have that elusive conversation.


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