Social Media as we know it is relatively new but has quickly become a huge part of our every day life. When I say social media I am not just talking about Facebook and Twitter but about the vast array of additional social media channels that we use.

People don’t really go to traditional media channels as they did, just a short while ago.  We actively seek out a Facebook Page for updated information and Blogs for the perspective of our peers and experts on a variety of topics. I very seldom even go to a website for information. Personally, I have minimal interest in a companies website, because as up to date as the information maybe it is still not as up to date as the status update that was posted to Facebook about an hour ago or the blog post created recently. The ever-growing need for the most up to date information has allowed Social Media to invade our lives and our entire being. Both of which I have absolutely no problem with, as I am a lover of all things technology related and Social Media more so.

One of the issues that I wonder about is, what about the people that are not embracing technology as quickly as others. What about the people that are not online? What about those that aggressively resist the thought of Social Media?  A friend asked me a question yesterday that was presented to her about business “How do you connect with people that are not online.  Cold Calls? Print?” More importantly, how are these people gaining their information? Newspapers? Yellow pages? How are they connecting to the avenues and channels that are best for their businesses?

As a person that is technology focused I am constantly thinking of ways to create avenues to merge offline marketing with online marketing because it is essential that if you have traditional brick and mortal location that you not only be online but be heavily involved with social media. It is just not optional anymore. Technology and more specifically Social Media is growing at at rate that companies that are tech savvy are having a hard time keeping up, so how would companies that are tech novices catch up at this rate? How do we as marketers convince companies that are not online, that are using traditional means of marketing and advertising that they are indeed placing themselves behind he 8 ball? Or is that just my opinion? Is there a solution? Is this even a problem that needs a solution? Maybe it’s all good?

Curious about your thoughts and opinions? I welcome any and all opinions, questions, and comments, whatever. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to comment here, on Twitter or directly on my Facebook Wall.