I was just thinking about how we’ve evolved due to technology and realized that although we have changed a lot, traditional organizations have not changed their organizational structure to adapt to technology growth and more tech savvy employees. 



Not only must organizations adapt and embrace technology they must adapt their structure, rules and SOP’s to include everything from cell phone usage to social media policies.  Some organizations have not taken a look at standard policies and procedures since before the emergence of Windows 95 maybe earlier.  



Organizations are trying to fit round pegs into square holes instead of taking a look at that square hole that was create back in 1924 before there were any sort of advanced technologies. Companies that are years behind are the ones enforcing antiquated rules based on outdated policies and procedures. 



Due to technology growth, as an organization big or small it is beyond time to analyze and adapt to technology growth, social media and very tech savvy employees. Further, it is past time to adjust company policies accordingly. Better yet, just rip it up and start all over.



Organizational structure cannot stay the same due the vast amount of changes that have occurred due to technology growth in the past 15 years.  The work place is not the same, people are not the same, situations are not the same and most importantly the world is not the same.  To get an idea of how things have changed take a look at Social Medial Revolution.  

What are your thoughts on organizations? Are they too old school? Have they adapted sufficiently? Are they stuck in a time warp?  As usual, I welcome questions or comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to catch me on Twitter, Post right here or directly on my Facebook Wall.