I planned on creating a bit of a tongue in cheek post about computers taking over our lives. As a giggle, giggle, chuckle, chuckle post and then I started thinking about it as I was talking to my wonderful Facebook friends.


I posted that I was in need of a weekend away, so I could catch up on sleep because I only seem to genuinely relax when I am away in a different atmosphere. My friends said, hey Anise, turn off your computer, and cell phone then take a nap. “huh…turn off my computer?” What’s that like?  I occasionally turn off the computer, usually when I am trying to grab that elusive uninterrupted 4 hours of sleep per night.


I started to think more now about how many other people are on technology overload. I’m not saying that I plan to change it, as I really love to wallow in technological advancements, revel in computer gadgets, bask in the warm to overheated laptop and mentally rejoice at the sound of the cell phone buzz from an incoming text.


Technology is evolving and growing, the need to do more, learn more and embrace more will not diminish in my life. As we speak, I am ready to move toward my next project, Blog Post, iFrame App, Second Life Integration..blah…blah…the list goes on. Is that normal? Am I a Tech Zombie? (hehe)


Will all of that said, should we all be concerned with overuse of technology? Is it a problem? Like a disorder? <cheap shot coming>If it’s a disorder will pharmaceutical companies try to give us a medication for it? </cheap shot over> Should we worry or just go with it?


I welcome all thoughts and opinions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to comment or post directly to my Facebook wall.