I have always seemingly had a love for the Internet.  When I first experienced the burst of information by way of what was then called the World Wide Web, I was immediatly hooked. I found that I could search for hours upon hours finding, reading and exploring new bits of information back when the Internet was very text focused.  The Internet has evolved so much in a matter of 15 years or so that it’s amazing.

Early Internet

Web 1.0 -3.0

The growth in the last 15 years has been astounding. We’ve gone from primarily text formated information online to having the ability to make an avatar of ourselves and literally jump right into the net.

There is also technology that allows the net to jump out at us. Amazing stuff!

Second Life: Virtual Worlds


The Semantic Web, The future

Augmented Reality

This super quick technology growth has me thinking,  what’s next with the web. Where could we possibly go from here. What cool things would you like to see next? I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, rants..whatever..so feel free to share your opinion, good, bad, ugly or indifferent in the comments section or you can post directly on my Facebook Wall.