Have you been paying attention to the variety of Social Media channels that have been popping up? Are you really paying attention? The amount of Social Media channels that have been popping up could very well be an indication that Social Media is growing and not going away anytime soon. This means that if you have not ventured into it and you have a business, you need to step your game up. YES, I said it! STEP YOUR GAME UP.
Once upon a time you could advertise in papers, place a radio ad or even create a TV commercial if your budget permitted. These options are diminishing and can be expensive.  All of the newspapers are going online with blogs and Apps, people go with paid radio so they do not have to listen to your ads and who can even afford a TV commercial in this economy. Also people have cable so who even cares about your TV commercial.  So what’s a business to do?

Social Media! You can just dip your toe into the Social Media pool slowly. Start with a Facebook Page, not to be confused with your personal Facebook Profile.  Sign up for Twitter account and start Tweeting , then create a blog and start blogging. Then dive in and start talking about your company, what you do, what you love etc. Be like Nike, just do it!

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