I’ve had people question the purpose of blogging? Why bother? Who are you talking to? LOL These are some of the questions that I asked myself before I really started blogging.


Blogging should be an essential part of a companies marketing strategy and brand exposure. With any organization, big or small if you ARE NOT blogging you are missing an opportunity to expose people to your message and showcase your company capabilities.


One of the reasons that blogs have become so very essential is that no one really visits websites as much as they use to. Websites are very static, the information is not refreshed as much as it needs to be in this fast paced information thirsty age of technology. People want the latest, hottest information and a website that is updated every six months (if that) will not provide that information. Blogs on the other hand will continue to provide new, fresh and updated information.


So do your company a favor start a blog. I hear that WordPress is suppose to be THE platform to go with, however I am honestly not all whoo whooo over WordPress. I have quite a few blogs and my format of choice does not involve farting around with the platform but putting my words down. So my format of choice is Posterous because it allows a very easy avenue of posting because you can post by email. (How cool is that? ) I also use Tumblr as well which is a very social oriented blog format, it allows your blogs to be liked and reblogged easily. Whichever format you chose, just get to crackin’ …start writing that blog.


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