I did not use to be a fan of Twitter, because I was like what the HECK can I talk about in 140 Characters or less. Also who really cares what the Hell I would Have to say in 140 Characters or less.   Then who the hell would follow me anyway. 🙂  Then I merged a small Promo Products company into a full fledged Marketing Company after getting my Masters Degree in Internet Marketing and stared to take another look at Twitter.


I read constantly about how Twitter has to be a part of a marketing plan. I started to take a look at Twitter and realized the brilliance of using this avenue to talk to people. I still view social media as a conversation and an avenue to talk to people about things that I like, and most importantly things that they have an interest in. So to me Twitter became an essential part of my day, I talk to colleagues, friends and make amazing connections. So now I when I get a notice that says,  LL cool J is following you (oops wrong post LOL ) seriously…When I get a notice that say Joe Smith is Following you I now longer ask, “why?” LOL


With all of that said, there are some do’s and don’ts of Twitter.



Don’t let Twitter get your fired, either.  Take a look at the video below, it’s one of my favorites about Twitter.

Twitter is a great business tool if used properly and can create avenues of great opportunities for businesses, especially small businesses. If you are on Twitter Follow Me

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