I have been blogging about NFC so much that I realized that in my excitement to get the news out that maybe people don’t even know what the heck I’m talking about. LOL When people DON’T know what the heck you’re talking about they automatically tune you out. I think that I’ve done that on an occasion or 50 or 60.

Well NFC or Near Field Communications will give us the ability to pay for items by way of cell phone.  So instead of waiting in a line to pay for snacks, tickets or goods we would use our Cell phone, wave it to pay then be on our way. (Wow, did you notice that I just made a rhyme? )

As cool as it sounds there are some people that have concerns. One of the biggest concerns about this method of payment is privacy. However, it seems to me that the people that I’ve talked to with these concerns are usually the same people that always scream about privacy.

As far as I’ve read NFC payments or Mobile Payments will be as safe as paying by way of credit or debit card.  Watch the quick NFC Demo video below:



Read more about NFC:

Would you be interested in this method of payment? Do you have concerns  about privacy issues?

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